The Asbestos Removal Contractors Association (ARCA) is made up of members from New South Wales asbestos abatement industry, including asbestos removal contractors, consultants, equipment suppliers, training organisations and other asbestos industry related organisations.

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About ARCA

ARCA's objectives are to:
• provide members with information in relation to Work Health & Safety changes and 
• provide assistance for members where difficulties may arise
• provide a single entity for presentation of issues, including submissions to
• encourage the safe removal or treatment of asbestos and asbestos products
• provide a forum for members to discuss issues relevant to asbestos removal or
• inform of the dangers of asbestos and asbestos products
• improve the professionalism of the industry 
• promote a responsible image for members among clients, industry and the general  

ARCA Executive Committee

President:                                           Bret Baker
Vice President:                                  Bill Peterkin
Treasurer:                                           Wade Rogers
Secretary:                                           John McGhee
Executive Committee Member:   Leigh Palmer
Executive Committee Member:   Chris Dardaneliotis
Executive Committee Member:   Alex Thompson